is a manifesto

Supernature is a departure

Here we allow ourselves the freedom to leave conventional thoughts and methods behind, to open the space for new ways of thinking and living.

Impact: a new design logic and urban experience. Supernature liberates us from past models to escape the gravity of convention and maximize urban ecological performance, serendipity, interaction, collaboration and the beauty and well being of all of life.

Supernature is a thing of beauty

The only pathway to success is to ‘Compete with Beauty’ and make the best ideas also the most compelling.

Impact: beauty and inspiration. We inspire change by creating not only the most intelligent experience but also the most compellingly beautiful. The experience and the underlying science, geometry and ecology are equally beautiful.

Supernature is a new economy

It is a prototype for a new abundance; a viable, sustainable, and productive way of living that takes on the greatest challenges in human history.

Impact: local knowledge economy. Being part of a supercell community provides access to an abundant economy that balances work, life and play designed for harmonious development.

Supernature is writing a life story that never ends

A story that changes the narrative of “man against nature.” A story of massive change and human potential. A story of creativity, invention, and our collective future. A story of the welfare of all of life as our evolutionary objective.

Impact: inspiring content. We will write the story that brings supernature to the world, and equally importantly, brings the world back to nature.

Supernature is an open platform for the future of life on Earth

Our goal is a living platform designed to inspire and embrace the unlimited potential of human creativity and innovation. The future of life on Earth will be driven by knowledge, data, and ever-expanding possibility to redesign our way of life. Neom is a place where all this comes together to interact and invent the future.

Impact: innovation and network powered by global engagement. By making supernature an open platform we draw global resources, innovations and energy to the project, and broadcast the power of the vision.

Supernature is a new ambition of synthesis

To accomplish our vision for a new way of life, we will go beyond innovation and demonstrate a radical new process of comprehensive synthesis.

Impact: process, creativity, foresight, insight. Our way of life is not vexed with compromise or contradictions. It is a contribution to our thriving and regenerative future. We are pushing solutions to a higher order of resolved complexity.

Supernature is a commitment to diversity

It is not bound by geography. It is a state of mind where the best talents and greatest minds are inspired and empowered to embody pioneering ideas.

Impact: beacon of evolution. Supernature is not a monoculture. It is a diverse dynamic ecosystem that outperforms any existing urban model. Every cell is charged with the potential for adaptable ongoing transformation.

Supernature is an ecosystem

With our approach, we will become a rich and complex network of innovators, ideas, connections, plans and exchanges that play together to create the future.

Impact: network impact. Supernature supports the interconnectivity and measurement of the productive performance of the urban network. By supporting diversity and measuring the impact we create a learning model that drives innovation and wealth creation.

Supernature is a gift to the world

Our challenges are shared challenges. Supernature solutions are global solutions. Together, our progress will move the world.

Impact: efficient, scalable, high impact. The Supernature solutions that we are developing will solve the problems that are the greatest challenges in human history. The impact will be global.

Supernature is forever

While our time horizon and our method are driven by the urgency for action and impact as soon as possible, the foundation of our thinking is long term. The goal is a new way of living for generations to come.

Impact: multigenerational transformation. Supernature is conceived for the long term time horizon, in contrast to the current short term, short sighted approach. Our objective is to get to perpetuity — a way of living that we can do forever.