In response to the urgent challenges posed by the climate crisis, social behavior, and the health of both humans and biodiversity, the Bioplanning Institute is committed to accelerating the global development of regenerative urban planning and architecture.

Bioplanning places a strong emphasis on making nature central to communities, prioritizing nature nodes and cellular aggregation over traditional land subdivisions.

The Bioplanning Institute is a non-profit organization established by Supernature Labs and ten founding members, dedicated to advancing the creation of a novel design discipline that seamlessly integrates urban planning with ecological practices.

Our institution’s mission is to advance Bioplanning as a recognized design discipline through research and development, education, and talent activation.


Bioplanning: A New Design Discipline

Available now as a pre-print V01

Bioplanning: A New Design Discipline is the Bioplanning Institute’s introductory publication containing the Bioplanning Design Manual along with a series of essays written by our remarkable network of subject matter experts. The publication delves into the ecological, social, community, and economic benefits of the Bioplanning approach. Our key contributors to this first edition, to name a few, are:

  • Bruce Mau, CEO of Massive Change Network and co-author of Rem Koolhaas’ S,M,L,XL
  • Thomas Ermacora, award-winning danish-Italian futurist, architect, technologist, and impact investor; Author of Recoded City: Co-Creating Urban Futures(Routledge 2016)
  • Dr. Hila Oren, CEO of The Tel Aviv Foundation, positioning Tel Aviv as the “world’s smartest city” in The Smart City Expo, Barcelona